Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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Re: Wow.

On the one hand, I can see how spending $1700 on a child is a lot of money. Certainly there are a lot of people who didn't have those opportunities growing up, so it could rub them the wrong way. On the other hand, it is not unheard of, particularly for children who excel in certain areas.

Photography is probably one of the more useful expensive hobbies to have. Worst case, she develops a lifetime love of photography and has the best photos of all her friends for the rest of her life. I wish I had learned photography as a child (I cringe just thinking about how many opportunities to capture precious memories have been lost over the years.) Also, at this age, it's good to develop mastery...of anything, just for the sake of going through the exercise of learning discipline, studying, putting in time to practice, and getting to that level of mastery where they develop self-confidence that is well placed.

Though as one fellow parent to another, you might want to consider a more gradual step up in the equipment. Kids have notoriously fickle interests. I wonder if there's a more low end DSLR camera which she can learn on and show her skill with manual adjustments before stepping up to a $1700 camera. How good are her non-sports photos? I would personally expect pretty darn good non-sports photos first like landscapes, street action, etc. And it couldn't hurt to make her "own" the purchase more by having her, and not you, on this forum asking the questions and understanding what to buy. Maybe you could make her do the research and be able to compare sensor sizes and lens speeds and write a report making a case to you why a certain camera is the right one. Or even have her "work" off part of the purchase price somehow, by lending the purchase price to her and requiring her to work off the price (or a portion of the price) through photography earnings. I was lucky to have parents who were well off, but one of the most useful things they did for me was making me pay just enough of my college expenses to make me work during summers and part time at school. Before that, I didn't understand the value of money. The risk of buying expensive stuff for kids without them contributing somehow is they don't understand its monetary value. Again, just some neighborly thoughts w/o really knowing you or your situation. I know you have your child's best interests in mind and have a better vantage point to decide what's best for them.

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