Help me choose a m43 camera

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Help me choose a m43 camera

My first DSLR was the Nikon D3100, which I only used for a couple of months before receiving a trade offer (non-photography related) that was too good to refuse. At first I thought I'd buy the Nikon D5100, but I've stumbled into the world of MILCs, and the smaller/lighter benefits seem to outweigh the negatives for my purposes.

I'm leaning toward M43 MILCs as opposed to:

1. the larger sensor MILCs. I like the idea of smaller/lighter lenses and the larger sensor MILCs like Canon's offering, lose out here.

2. the smaller sensor MILC's, like the Nikon, which don't seem to take advantage of the even smaller lens possibility, so you don't get a significant portability enhancement to make up for the considerably smaller sensor.

The standardization and popularity of the M43 format is another draw in terms of greater lens availability and secondary market if/when I trade/sell the camera.

That said, the following is what I'm thinking in terms of uses for the camera and the features I think I'd enjoy. I'm a novice to anything beyond point-n-shoot, but in the brief time I had the Nikon D3100, I really appreciated the ability to manually focus and adjust exposure.

1. A built-in grip or ability to add on a grip. Moving from compact digicams to the D3100, I really enjoyed having a grip to get a firm grasp on the camera.

2. Dials, wheels preferred over navigating complicated on-screen menus, but if the menu is intelligently organized, I can live with it.

3. I won't be using this for sports photography, so fast autofocus on moving objects is not a  concern.

4. I will be using this in dim light (intimate photos of my girlfriend), so good autofocus ability in low light is important.

5. Ability to use a remote shutter release

6. Ability to use off-camera flash (as I grow my skill level)

7. EVF - not sure how necessary this will be. I figure the screen might be sufficient.

8. Image stabilization - I don't have any strong views on IBIS or OIS, but it seems IBIS allows for use of slightly lighter lenses. But this is not a critical factor by any means. I don't anticipate using telephoto lenses, just the kit lens and one or two primes.

9. Good quality jpegs. I might get into post-processing of raw images down the road, but figure that I'll mostly be shooting jpegs to start.

10. Budget: I'm thinking sub-$500 for body and kit lens. Definitely not opposed to buying used or refurbished.

Given the rapid advancement of M43, I'm debating whether to blow the entire budget on one of the newest models, or instead getting an older model like the Oly E-PL2, and sell it in 6mo or a year from now and buying something better. I've been burned by being on the bleeding age of rapidly advancing tech, and M43 seems to be in that stage (as opposed to DSLR, where development isn't nearly as rapid). Also, I may just get body and a prime or two and skip the kit zoom lens for now, unless the kit lens with the body is too inexpensive to pass up.

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