Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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iancrowe wrote:

Just remembered. Canon do factory refurbished lenses and bodies at a noticeable discount from new. These are returns and ex-demo units brought back to as-new by Canon technicians. In fact possibly better than new as they have been individually tested as part of the refurbishment process. The only drawback is availability of any particular model if variable.

They also do a thing called the "Canon Loyalty Program" which offers a discount (I think up to 20%) on these refurbished prices provided you can send in an old Canon camera (as far as I understand it the camera doesn't even have to be working so an old $5 P&S Canon from you local car boot is enough to get the discount).

I know it is not too easy to find about the CLP and requires you to phone Canon direct. I don't have full details as it is a US only thing. I suggest you ask around on one or two of the Canon forums and someone is bound to be able to help you out with more details.

I'm based in the UK so can't avail my self of these offers


I doubt that CLP applies as it is intended to for people trading in old Canon gear for new Canon gear.  I also doubt Canon is dumb enough to give a 20% discount to someone trading in a 10 yr old $5 P&S for a brand new DSLR, that would be bad business.  I also doubt that the CLP and the refurb discounts stack.  I am sure it is one or the other.

Refurbs are available for every brand.  KEH and B&H sell used and refurbs of several brands (including Nikon and I believe Canon).  Nikon also sells refurbs directly as well (just like Canon) and just like Canon there is no economic incentive to buy MFG direct refurbs as they are not cheaper than the bigger stores and those stores are easier to work with when it comes to RMAs and other things which may arise.

The trade off on refurb is limited guarantee.  Since the OP is already considering used, I am sure she is going to get a better deal that way.  So long as you buy careful, used can save you a mint.  I have bought a rough mix of 50/50 new vs used(including a couple refurb).  The only buyers regrets I have had was picking the wrong item not buying a defective one (has not happened, at least not yet ).

My issue with your reccomendation of the 7d for the task is that it is in dim light, which is where the 7d really lags.  It is just barely matches the d300s which is several years older.  The Nikon is cheaper used as a result of the time on the market and the higher sales of it (over time).  The d7000 soundly trounces both of these at low light (ISO, dynamic range and color sensitivity) at the possible cost of a fairly trivial AF prowess.  I have used a 7d back to back with both the d7000 and the d300 as well as my d700.  I can easily tell the small AF speed advantage I get with the d700 over the others I can not tell any difference between those 3 models, with maybe a slight nod to the d300s for motion tracking (but that is a maybe).  The 7d can certainly do the job, but the resulting images will be noiser and require more work and in a some cases just not be good enough.

I didn't really follow your comments on the f/4 vs f/2.8 lenses since I said nothing to advocate an f/4 lens.  I merely noted that it was the minimum to get the job done.  I frequently see the Nikon 200-400 f/4 at sporting events (for example, but note that I am not advocating a 5500 lens).  If budget is tight the smart move is not a Nikon or Canon lens but the Sigma I mentioned.  If money is available for the Nikon or Canon then the next logical step is to get the better one with that brands stabilization and robust weather sealing.

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