improving FZ200 photo quality

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Re: improving FZ200 photo quality

Jerrydf wrote:

When cars got automatic transmissions many pure car affecionados distained them as undesirable. All those people that I know today drive cars with automatic transmissions. When ACR introduced an auto mode many condemned it. Today, many agree the auto mode isn't bad at least as a starting point for further manipulation. Programs like IDRMyimage offer a starting point with further tweaking available for those desiring it. I agree that the JPEGs from the FZ200 are excellent. I find that using PhotoOptimizer 5 or IDRMyimage on them often makes them more excellent. These programs are quicker to use than manipulating recipes in ACR and easier for the amateur or those who don't want to spend big bucks on Photoshop or Lightroom. The bottom line always is it is to down to personal choice. You like vanilla, I like chocolate. Both are good.

Mr Df,

You're right that there are many approaches to photo editing; and not just the chocolate or vanillas varities.    It does come down to what suits the individual.  However, one's approach may also be affected by cutural background......

For example, you mention that many folk you know drive automatic cars.  I think this is an American thing, perhaps, as in Britain I know very few who drive automatics.  The British seem to enjoy the idea that they are in control of everything (even when we're not).

Americans also like to get on with things - speed matters.  I'm afraid I am like a lot of Blighters in that I provaricate something chronic.  I also have a perfectionsit streak, which is not really a good thing in the real world.  I can spend hours in the shed waxing & polishing a cabinet - which nobody notices when it gets used.

Also, I am the old-fashioned kind now dying out.  I like to cook things from scratch rather than buy ready-fud from the supermarket.   I make our furniture rather than go to Ikea; grow some of our fruit/veg in the garden; and so forth.  This seems to become a habit of mind with everything, including photo development it seems.

Is my way best?  Only for me and those of similar outlook.

SirLataxe, still living a 1960s lifestyle albeit with some fancy new technology.

PS  Those automatics are gas guzzlers, tha knows!

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