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Re: Distance indicator error

ed rader wrote:

i wasn't speaking to you specifically but i have to wonder how you noticed such a small discrepancy? i remember when the canon 70-200L f4 IS came out it was probably the finest zoom made by anyone. this one guy found that his copy was softish at 200mm and MFD and that's all he talked about for weeks. instead of taking a step backwards or zooming out a bit he drove himself (and many around him) crazy with the one fault he could find in an otherwise spectacular lens.

then there are the guys who buy a new lens only to find a piece of dust inside of one of the elements or their lens makes a clunking sound when they shake it. and i'm not even going into the bad copies of lenses that plague internet photographers or cameras that can't focus in the dark or jump in and out of focus at 10 fps, low ISO banding etc. etc.

ed rader

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It makes you wonder how these "photographers" would manage with older gear (say pre open-aperture metering). It also make me wonder if modern cameras are actually much quicker or better than our older gear. I think we spend more time overriding automation than when simply making our own decisions on an all manual camera. An Olympus OM1 with a digital sensor would do me nicely, that's as much automation as I need.


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