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Bob Corson wrote:

I bought a K 30 with the DA 18-55 WR lens last Monday. I am really enjoying the camera but lots to learn for sure. I know that it won't be long before I am going to want a longer lens and an external flash, so I am looking for some advice/input.

1) In a lens I would like a zoom up to around 300 mm (old 35 mm numbers). I am wondering if anyone besides Pentax makes water resistant lenses and even if they don't what other lens manufacturers you folks might be using.

For sports you really need something quite fast.  That really rules out the non-DA* lenses.  The Tamron 70-200/2.8 is still quite expensive but - at least here in the UK - about 60% of the DA*60-250/4 and a stop faster.

2) I am thinking that in a flash specs comparable to the Pentax 360 flash is likely what I need minimum.

The 540 flash is more powerful but, more important, it has a swivel head.  This is vital for bounce flash work.  Pentax guns are unduly expensive: you'll get advice from others but remember the swivel head requirement.

As a bit of background, I do a lot of nature photography and sports photography and the later includes indoor action shots of my grand daughters ice skating, playing volley ball, soccer and horseback riding.

Now if I had lots of money probably would be easy as I would buy all DA* lenses and forget about it (but then if I had that kind of money I probably would have bought the best DSLR body Pentax has) but I am retired so need to stretch my "recreational" cash a bit.

Thanks in advance for your help. And of course any helpful hints on the more subtle things about the K 30 will also be appreciated.

The K-30 sensor is very low noise, which means you can safely open up shadows a long way in PP.  In poor light I often dial in -1 or -2EV, which makes the out-of-camera shots look dark but keeps ISO down for a given shutter speed.  As you lose dynamic range and increase noise as you increase ISO it's always best to use the lowest possible ISO.

TAv mode is great for sports because you set your aperture and shutter speed and the camera picks ISO accordingly.

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