Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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Re: A counter point...

Just remembered. Canon do factory refurbished lenses and bodies at a noticeable discount from new. These are returns and ex-demo units brought back to as-new by Canon technicians. In fact possibly better than new as they have been individually tested as part of the refurbishment process. The only drawback is availability of any particular model if variable.

They also do a thing called the "Canon Loyalty Program" which offers a discount (I think up to 20%) on these refurbished prices provided you can send in an old Canon camera (as far as I understand it the camera doesn't even have to be working so an old $5 P&S Canon from you local car boot is enough to get the discount).

I know it is not too easy to find about the CLP and requires you to phone Canon direct. I don't have full details as it is a US only thing. I suggest you ask around on one or two of the Canon forums and someone is bound to be able to help you out with more details.

I'm based in the UK so can't avail my self of these offers


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