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Bjorn_L wrote:

Nikeman123 wrote:

Nikon D5100 resolution is 4928x3264

That is not 2 specifications but 1. The 2nd is arrived at by multiplying the top two. More importantly it is not an important spec and those numbers are almost identical. It amounts to 5% more cropping. While the difference in quality of the information per pixel is higher then that.


The d5100 is more than 2 stops better in dynamic range (this is very big difference).

The d5100 is has a little better color sensitivity (6.3%) and significantly better ISO (by 2/3rds of a stop). So even ignoring color sensitivity and dynamic range the Canon needs 67% more light to have identical noise levels as the Nikon.

There are valid reasons to select either the t3i or d5100, the numbers you posted are not such a reason since down sampling the t3i by 5% does not recover the noise advantage that the Nikon has.

Since you prefer high megepixels, also consider the Nikon d3200 which has 24mp (6080 x 4012) along with similar sensor performance as the d5100. But even that big a MP jump is not enough to automatically rule out the Canon (or the d5100). It is just an aspect of the camera. Controls, ergonomics, performance, focus accuracy, focus reliability/sophistication, metering reliability & sophisitication all play a role.

The real difference betweem the t3i and the d5100 is still images vs video. The d5100 has better still image quality, particularly in lower light or in scenes with a large range from the darkest to the lightest (for example part of the scene in a shadow the other part well lit). Also the d5100 has that swivel screen for those that like that sort of thing. While the Canon t3i has better manual controls in video and yes a trivially higher pixel count (compared to the d5100) or a marginally lower pixel count compared to the Nikon d3200.

I just watched a video on megapixels and from what I gathered they really only determine how big of a print you can make. We have never printed anything bigger than 8x10 to my knowledge. Will she be able to get clear close ups of flowers and bugs and other small things like that?  I do not know the min focusing distance on either one of those 2. She likes stuff like that too. I also read that the faster the shutter the better. I am Ann xray tech so a lot of these things make since to me but I never thought to apply them to cameras. also, she always says she wishes she could get paid to take pictures so maybe with either of these she can take pictures of kids or something for money.  We always pay someone to take our family pictures.

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