What is the best JPG camera on the market now?

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Probably the OMD EM-5. Still need to shoot raw to get the best out of it

lukep wrote:

Hi, I have a D200, lots of pro glass and Fuji X100 - I dont have time to process everything so it has been fun setting up the X100 for out of the camera JPG's. I thought about getting a D3200 or maybe a Fuji Xpro or something like that to get a camera with zoom and great out of the camera JPG's. With HDR options and B&W options in camera.

The best JPG camera should have at least an APC (DX) sized sensor, to get the isolation with fast lenses. It should have custom settings banks, HDR or similar DR setting, good B&W options, and im sure a few other ideas will come to mind

Reading up on the D3200, looks like it does not offer HDR in camera, not sure about its other options as well.....

So for those experienced photographers, what do you see as the best JPG camera on the market?




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