About to buy camera for wife

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Re: About to buy camera for wife

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What do you guys suggest?

Give her a card saying "IOU one camera of a value up to $xxx". After Christmas, take her to a store and let her handle some cameras, then buy the one she likes the most.

Sounds like a good idea. But it helps to be informed. Go to the store ahead of time and see what they have, and then read the reviews here. Especially the conclusions. That way, if one has a paraticular weakness that would impact the kind of photography she does, you can help her understand the shortcomings. She might really like one of the little mirrorless cameras, like Nikon 1 or Olympus PEN.

I was looking at canon because I think she would like a complete change from the old nikon. She mainly takes pictures of our daughter and she brings it anytime we go somewhere like the beach or mountains. Also is it true that the with nikons you can't replace the lens? I know the one on the p90 doesn't come off. Also, the t3i is packaged with an extra lens and is on sale at Best Buy. Maybe you guys are right though. She does have the Nikon down pat now so maybe an upgraded Nikon is the way to go. I'd hate to buy a camera only to have it be replaced a month or so after though. The swivel screen would be nice at times I think also. It seems like I did a side by aside of the T3I and the D5000 and for the most part the t3i was on top but I will check it out again. I was really interested in that bundle deal with the extra lens though! Why is every decision so hard? Lol


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