SX40 or SX50? A BIG difference?

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Re: SX40 or SX50? A BIG difference?

cnli wrote:

Stephen Ingraham wrote:

The things i most value on the SX50HS that were not on the SX40HS (or were different).

1) faster focus. The 50 does indeed lock on much faster and much more accurately

2) framing assist. Press the button to engage optomized IS, and you can easily get exactly the framing and focus point that you are after...even at full zoom...even at 2400mm equivalent.

3) GREAT sports mode. The sports mode on the SX40 was useless. The sports mode on the SX50 locks on moving subjects reliably, and shoots 5 fps with focus between frames. It is absolutely wonderful for birds in flight!

4) in-camera HDR. Does an excellent job of producing a file that can be processed to a very natural looking extended range image.

5) hand-held night scene mode seems improved and very effective on sunrise and sunset.

6) and I do value the longer zoom. I am now shooting regularly at 1 and 1.5x...for the same reach that required 1.5 and 2x on the SX40. That means better IQ for those long shots.

Having worked with images from both cameras extensively now, I can say that the image quality is very much the same. I am still using the same presets in Lightroom with the SX50 as with the SX40.

The SX50 is not perfect by any standard, but, as I see it, is the best superzoom from Canon so far.

(By the way, I have owned the SX20, the SX40, and now the SX50.)

Stephen, I could only find below details in manual:

Continuous Shooting

Normal: Approx. 2.2 shots/sec (In P mode)+
High-speed Burst HQ mode:Approx. 13 shots/sec⊿
+ until the memory card is full
⊿ maximum 10 images each time

But not clearly mentioned the performance of Sport mode, any hint?


Could Stephen or someone else comment on this query?


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