Brutally honest review of the EOS M.

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
graphikal Senior Member • Posts: 2,783
Meh. My summary of the review

1. The camera may fall, because I don't like using a strap or supporting the camera with my left hand or using my opposing digits to securely grip the camera either

2. When I choose to obscure the screen with my thumb, the screen is obscured

3. No onboard flash for that special snapshot look means Canon is late to the snapshot party

4. I don't know the difference between megapixel counts and resolution

5. The EOS-M high ISO performance does not appeal to me, since the sensor is two years old

6. I love the lenses, and they're beautifully built

7. A built-in viewfinder would be nice, just as all the other mirrorless cameras have

8. The camera is not a videographer's dream, only as good as modern DSLRs in that area. Thus this camera is not a good choice purely as a video camera, which it clearly is designed to be

9. Live View mode autofocus is too slow for me and the STM lenses aren't the fastest to focus, and while I didn't test any fast-focusing lenses on the EOS-M (I didn't have time, since I had to make a stop-motion movie about cameras exposing themselves at a party) I therefore conclude that its focusing speed is too slow

10. For the aforementioned reasons, Canon is "left in the dust". Q.E.D.

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