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Re: Thanks Jeff !!! .... Here's the new framing.....

jeff hladun wrote:

My favourite definition of what comprises a good photo - strong composition; mystery; emotional content; sweat equity on the part of the photographer - is present in this image. We can all comment on whether the crop is better before, here, in-between or even tighter, but those are merely opinions which have more to do with the viewers' judgement, than with the strength of the picture on its own and Gianluca's aesthetic.

The most important feature present is the mystery of the instant. This has everything to do with the story-telling aspect before us. Gianluca made the photograph at the moment the woman acknowledges his presence, and before she has become engaged with the camera. She is still unengaged with us, and her social personality has yet to emerge. This is THE most difficult moment to capture in the street photography genre; it the the event between disengagement and engagement of subject and photographer. It reveals the woman as she truly is, as opposed to the social personality she has learned, and which society has given her.

This is a remarkably difficult moment to record - the photographer has to think and work fast, fast, fast. Highest respect must be given to this excellent work.

What a great comment to go with this wonderful image.

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