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Re: 2 flashes same?

muncungliar wrote:

rfhuewf wrote:

  • HVL-F20S and
  • HVL-F20AM.

are these 2 flashes the same apart from the connectors?

they look very similar with one is black and the other is sliver....

AFAIK, they different in shape, connector type and power source.

The 20AM is bigger than the 20S, but both have the same GN which is 20. I'm not sure both have the GN number based on the same parameter (ISO, focal length, etc) or not.

The 20AM has Sony DSLR type connector while the 20S has (older, 5, 5N, C3, F3) NEX type connector.

The 20AM has internal power source from 2x AA battery, 20S has no battery compartment so it will drain your NEX battery faster.

According to you comment here saying that 20AM eats batteries, i assume that the 20AM is way bigger than the 20S is it correct?

I acutally prefer using the camera's battery as the power source since I dont have to carry extra AA batteries and a charger.....

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