Hillary Clinton announces Gaza cease fire

Started Nov 21, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Re: Hillary Clinton announces Gaza cease fire

mamallama wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

mamallama wrote:

PhD4 wrote:

CraigWestly wrote:

Wow, I would never have thought that Hillary would think anything she was involved in was "an important step". Talk about self serving!

mamallama wrote:

Self serving?

To say the least.

The cease fire was agreed to 24 hours earlier, but Clinton asked them to wait until she arrived before making the announcement.

Yeah... that's the way our administration rolls.

Anything to take the attention off of Benghazi, eh.

I don't know what evidence you have to back up your 24 hour earlier claim, but, if true it shows one thing: if they waited until Hillary arrived and let HER co-make the announcement, it shows the power and prestige of Hillary and Obama in the Middle East.

No, it shows the power and influence of the United States.

Which is still great and not diminished by Obama's presidency as all this right wing BS would have you believe.

The Right Wing isn't the one denouncing the greatness of our country, or going around making apologies to other countries.

In case you forgot who did that....

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