Fuji focus distance fault

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Re: Fuji focus distance fault

Answer from Fuji support:

Dit is geen defect van het objektief of van de camera.
Belangrijk hierbij: De afstandsindicator is geen distance meter. De afstandsindicator geeft een bereik aan. 
Hierbij worden de contrasten in de focus gemeten.


This is not a defect of the lens or camera.

Important with this: the distance indicator is not a distance measurement instrument. The distance indicator shows a scope/reach. With this the contrasts in focus are measured.

Am I completely stupid because I don't understand any of this or did Fuji hire someone who knows nothing about focus and DOF?

I replied that they should read page 42 of the manual. It is all explained there. It works fine with the prime lenses, but not with the new 18-55mm, even after the firmware update of the camera.

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