Please help vote on Empty Benches

Started Nov 16, 2012 | Discussions thread
Schnapper Contributing Member • Posts: 993
Re: Please help vote on Empty Benches

I remember that there used to be a way to see what my votes were after a challenge is over - so I can see how my voting/rating compared with how images finished in the final tally.

Can someone remind me how to do that, or is it no longer possible?

I want to see how my ranking/voting stack up against the final rankings in the Empty Benches challenge (see if I ranked any that scored highly poorly or vice versa).  I figure it's a good challenge to do it to because there was more voting than usual on that challenge (probably thanks to this thread, and also because the images were mostly of a pretty high standard), so the effects of sandbagging, cheating, or just random bad votes (i.e. the sample size is almost big enough to be statistically significant/relevant, or at least less random) is probably reduced on this one.

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