Replace my nikon 24-70mm 2.8? FX Prim and zoom suggestions.

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Re: A simple choice...

Shumbalion wrote:

Shotcents wrote:

i also had enough of the 24-70's size and so I tested a variety of zooms. Many were as big or nearly as big so that did not solve the problem at all.

Solution 1:

24-85vr - You can read lots of debate over this lens. I found it better than the 24-120 F4. Cameralabs agrees, but others don't. At the very least they are VERY close optically. Both have VR, are well built. BUT...the 24-85vr pulls off it's strengths while being a truly small package and at a bargain price.

Solution 2:

28-200G - No longer being made, but easy to find used for about 300 USD, very small zoom packs a lot of sharpness. No VR, but remains an impressive lens.

Primes....85 1.8G, 50mm 1.8G, 28mm 1.8G - all of these exceed the 24-70 2.8 in performance. The price of the 3 primes AND the 24-85vr is roughly the same as the 24-70! But this "kit" gives more options as it employs faster glass and so my beloved 24-70 is gone. I have yet to order the 28mm 1.8G as I'm usually on the longer side. The 24-85vr is 3.5 from 24-30mm, which is pretty good!



Is there a lot between the 85mm1.8 and the 105mm2.8 macro I have already? Having both in the bag would be a little silly if they do about the same.. but then I suppose it depends.

A used 24-70mm 2.8 im seeing £1100 and I need to replace the rubbers before selling it.

24-85mm £430, 28mm 1.8G £600, 50mm 1.8G £160, 85mm 1.8G £430. It mounts up I think I may en up £600 short.. so I have to ask what about the slightly older versions of those lenses are they still reasonable? People used them before these after all lol. They are certainly cheaper.

A thought on the 24-85mm have you tried the 28-80mm 3.3-5.6G ? Its defiantly worth comparing and only £60 used! It has its flaws but if you can get a hold of one id love to know how well it compares as it would give me a feel for the other lens. 3.3 from 28-31mm and 3.5 to 34mm hence my interest. Its annoying though in the fact the front rotates, its certainly not build to last and well many little things! But wow can it output in the right conditions. For the price you could get a few and not be to concerned about if one fell apart. I don't need VR at that end, if its dark id use one of the 1.8 lenses VR doesn't give you a faster shutter just something else to break.

I have not tried the 28-80. It was a kit lens I think, but for the price it's probably worth a try. Ken Rockwell likes it! As I said, I'm very pleased with the 24-85vr after trying the 24-120vr. If size and weight are a factor it's a no-brainer. If the primes add up too fast then just pick one up and add more later. Choose the range that's more important. I have yet to add the new 28mm 1.8G, mainly because I'm likely to use it rarely. I'm also toying with the idea of the 16-35 F4...the only F4 lens that I like and for good reason!



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