Best MILC for Shooting Figure Skating?

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A counter point...

MicheleR wrote:

An excellent point delivered with perfect timing! I have been looking at lenses for the past 2 hours:-D Thanks!

To start with the main lens will be a 70-200 at either f/4 or f2.8.  The Sigma I mentioned will work, but the Nikon and Canon lenses with stabilization are better.  Not because they have stabilization but because they are a little better (even if you ignore stabilization).  I mentioned the specifics of what to expect when comparing those two since I owned both a Sigma and a Nikon.  In Canon I only owned consumer lenses.  But in my limited use of the Canon higher end lenses the same seems to be true there.

Other lenses like Marianne uses are nice to have and will be part of a full inventory used by a professional.  There is a performance differnce between the various bodies.  Having a quality lens which will cover 90% of your shots and a body which can deliver the best possible image quality and keeper rate would seem the way to go to me.  Then save up as you have done in the past for additional lenses are needs arise and skills needed are developed.

I agree with your method of saving and buying with disposable income and not going in to debt with a hobby.  But part of being frugal, to me, is not just control how much you spend but what you spend it on.  I have made some buying mistakes by not correctly identifying what would matter to me long term.  What I try to do as much as possible is to buy "keepers".  Meaning when I can swing it buy the item I am going to end up with first instead of buying and selling several intermediate steps.  On the Sigma lens it worked out ok for me since I bought it used, sold it at small profit (in exchange for an hour of my time showing some tips and tricks).  Other times like buying a camera which I knew going in was not a keeper it ended up being a foolish and costly repurchase.

Note that I am not really advocating any paricular hardware here just offering a different way of looking at thngs then the previous poster suggested.

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