7D and Dutch birds incl a 3200ISO shot

Started Nov 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Fantastisch (Wonderful)

Wonderful images! An image like number 8 is a dream. Love those eyes.

The last at 17.45 is pretty amazing for an image taken a week or two ago. You must have known exactly where the bird would be, not?

I went out at 15.30 last Sunday and had the worst possible time. I was hoping to catch a bird of prey sailing the wind (would have been my first bird of prey), but I guess it was a bit too stormy. No bird, painful legs from cycling against the wind and a cloud started to cover the last remaining sun just as I stepped off the bike to see what I could salvage. Bummer. But I will keep trying. I know there are several birds close to home, just not exactly where to find them.

Anyway, great images! A real joy to see.

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