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Openside wrote:

Press Correspondent wrote:

Openside wrote:

First proper photo with my new 5d3

In my humble opinion, shallow DOF is grossly overused by amateurs. This shot would look superb cropped twice in each dimension to emphasize the dog's face. Then a blurred background around it would be appropriate and justified. However, the way it is, only a small portion of the photo is in focus and everything else is a blur. Although, it is not a complete blur, but the dog's body that is clearly visible as a part of the composition, but is simply out of focus. Furthermore, there is no background behind the dog to blur anyway, it is already a pretty uniform back of the coach. The bottom line, I would either crop or reduce the aperture to significantly increase the DOF, perhaps to f/5.6. Enjoy your new camera!

Thank you for the feedback, I think to be fair shallow DOF is something that is used by (gross) Amatuers like myself and Professionals in equal measure.

Simon the image looks fine ! Dont mind Press Correspondent. he doesnt own any fast primes so he wants everybody to shoot F5.6. Misery loves company

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