Options/recommendations for a cheap(er) Minolta fullframe (D) Zoom lens?

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
john farrar
john farrar Veteran Member • Posts: 5,038
Re: Minolta AF 24-85mm

>>John out of interest when you compared the minolta to the sony what were your thoughts.>>

Actually I was quite impressed with the Sony 18-135, it's easily the best of the more affordable new lenses around. Better than the short zoom basic kits in terms of sharpness and colour handling. It is of course a lens for APS-C sensors.

However that old 24-85 has more sympathetic (realistic) colour handling and if you use it at its sweet spots it's not bad in other respects too at 35mm on a film camera which, i guess, is what we're thinking about here. I soon got rid of the nasty 28-80 lens that came with one of my Minolta cameras.

On a crop the issues are reduced because the outside of the circle is excluded.

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