Not another D600 dust thread :p Wedding Photos taken with D600 + 50 1.8G

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Not another D600 dust thread :p Wedding Photos taken with D600 + 50 1.8G

hello guys..

when i look at the other forum, there are many thread that express OP's excitement about having a new camera or lenses..

but when i look at this forum ( Nikon FX ) , it is full with thread like 'D600 dust issues', 'D600/D800 AF issues' 'Petition' etc... maybe we all should lighten up a bit not just talking or looking for issues but enjoy our equipment and take photos..

last week i shot whitewall at f16 for the first time  and yes there are several dust specks.. and then i blow my sensor with Rocket Blower and there are only two dust speck left... yesterday i took another test photo and there are no additional dust speck... i took 1000 photos between 1st and 2nd test shot and i changed lenses several times...

does it bother me? yes a little...

but it doesn't trouble me and doesn't ruin my excitement of my D600..

i love the combination of D600 + 50 1.8G

it's light, small.. the pictures are sharp and contrasty... I really enjoy shoot with D600+50 1.8G

here are some shots from last week wedding.. more shots at my Gallery.. i only do minor PP..

C&C appreciated..

Greetings from Indonesia..

Keep shooting and enjoy ur gear



Let's walk together..

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