D800 versus D600

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Re: D800 versus D600

mlieber507 wrote:


I was curious about the coverage of a DX lens on an FX sensor. I do not own an FX digital, but I do have a Nikon F3 which is a full frame, film era SLR. I mounted a 55-200mm Nikon DX lens on my F3 and at f22, visually noticed that vignetting at most focal lengths would probably be manageable with PS' lens corrections. At 75 to 80 mm there was some actual corner cut-off of the image circle, but not to the level of 10/24 implied by Nikon's DX mask on the D600. I would estimate that 20% of the image would be lost to mask out the lost corners. Full frame coverage returned by 110MM. Does anyone have this kind of data from an FX digital.


.. i have tried my 17-55 2.8 dx on my f100 slr , and yes the image circle of a dx lense is bigger than a dx sensor ..

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