Waste Ink Counter reset utility for Epsons

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Re: Waste Ink Counter reset utility for Epsons

Sandy wrote:

Any evidence of their being a simlar issue with the more expensive Epson printers eg 3800 and above? nb Some/all have a replaceable maintenance cartridge to collect the excess ink.

The higher end & Pro inkjets from Epson do indeed have the maintenance cartridge with chips so, unlike desktop models, you don't get the same level of limitation you do with desktop Epsons.

If you're minded to, you can purchase chip resetters and/or refillable cartridges with override chips that can act in concert with some physical modification to override the waste cartridge chip and keep it at empty.

Frankly, such measures are only really worth considering if you're all in for refillable carts & third party inks OR you're hitting the "replace maintenance cart" point every few months as the chip resetters are quite pricey.

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