Happy with my EX2

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Re: Happy with my EX2

RMW487 wrote:

Ysarex wrote:

I've pretty well adjusted to the switch form my EX1 to EX2 and I'm very pleased with the results. Here's a couple closeup floral shots from my walks in the past week. I even took one at ISO 200 and found the result quite acceptable.


EX2 dose have a slight increase in picture quality compared to EX1. My only wish would be smaller, slimmer and more compact EX2. So for now I'll stick with my pocket bulging EX1. Like your posted pictures very much, well done.


Thanks, I wanted a pocket camera too. I started years ago with shirt pocket Sonys and Panasonics and eventually found the Samsung TL350 (WB2000). I'd ruled out the EX1 as too big because the lens didn't retract. My new TL350 however was defective. After 90 days of service hell I sat down at the computer and devoted a day to digging up real email addresses of top Samsung Execs. I sent out about 10 emails and got a hit. US director of customer service apologized and sent me an EX1 consolation prize. I fell in love with it. When it was stolen a year later I ordered a new one the next day. Now I have an EX2 and I wish it were smaller but I wouldn't trade it for any other compact camera.

Enjoy your EX1.


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