XZ-1 in London at night

Started Nov 23, 2012 | Discussions thread
glenchen68 Junior Member • Posts: 41
Re: I can only guess...

Michael_13 wrote:

Your exposures are quite long and you mentioned you used a little tripod.

In this case you should turn off image stabilization. I think you did not do this and this is why you got blurry parts.

A second reason could be a decentered lens. But I do not think this is the case, because you would have already noticed this in your daylight shots.

Third reason: Dirty lens.



just wondering, do you recommend using a UV filter on the lens as protection against dirt in everyday use?

If yes, will there be vignetting if I were to use the LC63A(if it is possible to screw onto the filter at all, that is)after the UV?


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