Thom Hogan review of NEX-7

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Re: Thom Hogan review of NEX-7

redsim74 wrote:

robdel wrote:

If you're happy with a few slow consumer zooms and a handful of middling spec primes (minus the third-party Zeiss), and that works for your photography, then fine. Some of us see incredible potential in this camera system, both on it's own, and as a possible replacement for DSLR system, even for professional work.

Wow, tops marks for being patronising there. Don't mistake more realistic expectations for low standards.

Yup. And intentionally so. But no more patronizing than those who suggest that we should be happy with the lenses currently available, or who try to suggest that a small number of lenses somehow covers the range that I listed in a meaningful manner, or that one should just shoot legacy and be happy with it.

I'm sorry for singling out your comment here -- it wasn't meant to be personal. But I am just as fed up with the argument that there is nothing lacking with the lens selection as the other side is with people like myself who complain about it. It's denying reality. (I'm not lumping you in here - I have no idea what your opinions are about this).

Had Sony stuck with the 3/5 series, they could have reasonably claimed that this was simply a consumer line and people should be happy with what they got. But with 7 they staked out a claim for the serious enthusiast//semi-professional/pro shooter. They are just now starting to provide lenses that address the needs of that group.

My list was a standard compendium of zooms and primes. Nothing exotic, nothing surprising, and a list that is more or less available to Nikon, Canon and M4/3 shooters (even Leica R and M, minus the zooms of course). That was my point. Even if those lenses were available I of course would not purchase them all. But I would like the option to pick and choose lenses that fit my particular needs, while leaving enough of a selection for you (for example) to pick and choose as you like. Right now neither of us have much choice frankly. To suggest that this is anything other than a problem for a camera system is absurd.

I know Sony is "just starting out" with the NEX. But this isn't their first venture into making cameras, and the list of standard FLs and zooms is pretty much the same regardless of format. The camera is in it's third generation and there are still more or less as many bodies as first party lenses. Either Sony was surprised by the popularity of the NEX system, or they just didn't have their act together and plan a decent roadmap to support it. Given what's going on with the rest of the company it looks more like the latter to me.

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