How to get rid of glare?

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Re: How to get rid of glare?

Sailor Blue wrote:

What you are seeing is a direct reflection of one or more of the bulbs. The basis of reflection is that the angle of incidence equals the angle of reflection. The only way to avoid this is to avoid having the light at any angle where a reflection from the subject can reach the lens.

Adding a diffuser won't eliminate the glare problem, only make the spot into a strip.

I strongly recommend you buy and study a copy of "Light Science and Magic". It will give you a ton of information about lighting.

Light Science and Magic, Fourth Edition:

The green color cast in your image is from the fact that the CFLs are not proper photography ones with a full color spectrum output. At an absolute minimum you should be using daylight CFLs. Cheap ones from the supermarket won't have a high quality color spectrum. For a proper full color output you need to buy special CFLs from someone like Westcott. Try Adorama or B&H.

Even with the bulbs you are using now you can get better color by using a Custom White Balance set with a good quality WB card. I recommend this one from Robin Myers. It is practically indestructible so one is enough for a lifetime (unless you lose it).

Robin Myers Imaging: Digital Gray Card

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I tried pointing the lamps at the wall but that makes the video dim/dark. The only position I can get enough light is with the bulbs right next the camera.

Somebody mentioned a softbox. Would that help with the spots?

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