Storage pictures size from the FullFrame

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Re: Storage pictures size from the FullFrame

Hi Dali,

When I starting using computers about 17 years ago, I would save the highest quality jpeg...  but that was when a 600mb state of the art hard drive was $1500.  I just saw 3TB seagate Barracuda drives on black friday, under $100.  I now keep everything on three sets of hard drives, and rotate one set off site...  The cost of archiving a full resolution picture in raw or even psd has plummeted relative to the growing size of files in high megapixel cameras.

I always save the raw file, and often the raw and the photoshop native file even for family pictures...  But in your camera, the introduction of sRaw was fantastic, because you could shoot 400 pictures on a weeks vacation, when you knew you didn't want full 21mp files.  The only problem with that strategy, is when you get a fantastic landscape in the mix, and forget to change up for full RAW...  or forget to change back afterward.


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