Noise Control for BIF - Shoot to the right at higher ISO or set correct exposure im camera ?

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Re: Noise Control for BIF - Shoot to the right at higher ISO or set correct exposure im camera ?

ESfishdoc wrote:

It is great thing when the proper exposure is achieved. A landscape is easy... bracket the heck out of it and even if you don't have a meter you can get one that is good. BIF are different. You have one shot sometimes. Knowing ahead of time where and when you will be shooting and metering different areas for proper exposure can give you an idea of what that perfect exposure might be. For example: The sun is behind me... no clouds... no obstructions and the light won't change and I know that whatever I shoot will be going through this evenly lit area all I have to do is meter, shoot look at the histogram and know that any bird (black or white) flying through this area will be properly exposed. Now.. if those birds are all black I might want to overexpose a bit... and if they are all white... underexpose just a bit.

Here is a picture shot in manual mode that way shot with a 7D (iso 200)

I really don't like to "expose to the right". I really like to use the lowest possible iso and with the 7D that is a lot lower than my 5DmkIII.

When birds will be flying through varying light and varying backgrounds it is a different ballgame. I shoot in Av and depending on the bird I add some + exposure compensation for dark birds and maybe a little - compensation for white birds. I pre determine what iso I'll need for the range of shutter speeds I'll get in the various light. If I'm wide open at 400 mm and in dark areas the shutter speed drops to 1/200th then I'll probably go up on my iso. Just the way I do it.

This shot was in Av with the eagle flying through shadows and trees.

I'm sure there are many other ways this can be done. The key is to learn to predict and understand the light to increase the number of times you nail your shot with both correct exposure and focus.... not as easy as it looks but it sure feels good when it happens.


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Thanks for your insight.  Wonderful pictures by the way. So you like to nail the exposure in camera and your results speak for themselves.

I now tend to shoot in manual mode for BIF, but tend to shoot to the right.  I then lower the exposure in post if i think i need to.  But to achieve this, I often have to raise the iSO, and that is what makes me comfortable.  I am not convinced that the way i do it is better, although the ETTR strategy is advocated by many.  This might  be a good strategy, but perhaps not when it means you have to shoot at a higher ISO in order to achieve this.  Perhaps setting an objective of nailing the exposure is the right way to go and only shoot marginally to the right, when in doubt.


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