I love my D600. Here is my first star trail shot with it.

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Re: I love my D600. Here is my first star trail shot with it.

I like it darker too. More contrasty. My print came out perfect though and my image in LR has more color and contrast. I wanted it bright, contrasty and colorful. Pretty much the way I like most of my shots. I put a vignette so when my image wraps around the edges, it will have more impact.

Thanks for any suggestions. I appreciate them. I'm just so happy with the actual detail picked up by this camera's senspr. The bricks are quite sharp. I just purchased a new tripod so that should help with my bigger issue. Camera shake.m Here is the original shot. Notice how the trails jump around more at the edges of the frame. Is this normal? It seems to amplify the shake the closer to the edge of the the lens.

This was the original. shot before realigning the trails using the cloning tool and color correction.

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