7D Noise Reduction

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Re: 7D Noise Reduction


I think the image samples are nice...until you zoom in and see all the blotches created by the excessive noise. As a pixel peeper, the 7d noise is atrocious.

I have a gallery of singapore ill be posting in the next few days- all shot with a 7d+10-22+24-105.

When i reviewed the images when i came back, i was highly unhappy. Trademark 7d noise+softness damn near brought a tear from me. Basic sharpening makes the noise issue even worse.

I had those shots archived up until recently i came across a noise cocktail by a fellow photog that i have been using to go over those files again- and it does make a difference. Im actually surprised that there arent more cocktails posted by users who comes up with thier own routines for these cameras. So, my point is, with this cam, the secret is in post.

Fortunately, thats the only camera i had to worry about that with (but also made my own for my g12). My t2i handles noise VERY differently from a 7d, thankfully. Now thats a nice lil sensor.

just my 2c

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Interesting read.  Thanks for posting. Was wondering if you could share your tips in post processing to better control the 7D noise ?  Would be helpful



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