"What is a scenery... to you?"

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Re: "What is a scenery... to you?"

cjf2 wrote:

That's interesting. I would not have guessed a host would expect a picture of scenery has to be a particular shape. I would say a mountain was scenery and could easily lend itself to being higher than it was wide. If that is something you seek, you should perhaps put it in the rules as you sometimes do when seeking a square format.

As for your number 3 you are obviously younger that's me. As I have got into my fifties my ability to focus in and out (accommodate, I think they say) has deteriorated such that out of focus elements of a real life scene are all to frequent! Luckily they perfected autofocus.

LOL, surely you jest about selectively adjusting your vision's focus???  but I can imagine what you're getting at...

Before I started this thread, I typed 'scenery' into yahoo images (ipad version) and out popped dozens of beautiful vibrant sceneries.... the quality of which is if different class than what we can find here.  Unfortunately the top two rows of yahoo images featured bokehs and blurred shots of autumn leaves in the foreground, which I cannot accept as the classic scenery that I grew up learning about.

I needed a second opinion, so all in all, I'd like to thank everyone for their explanations.  Yes, I agree with Juju that indoor sceneries are legit sceneries too. And I think JR wrote it best in his post about 'Places'.  I'll certainly look up the references his pointed out.

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