Do you think higher MP DX cameras require better lenses & technique?

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Re: Do you think higher MP DX cameras require better lenses & technique?

KeninDFW wrote:

Theoretically there is an impact. As you increase resolution for a given sensor size (DX in this case) you by necessity are decreasing the pixel size. This has an impact on the optimal aperture for sharp images.

There is a blog post here: that discusses the issue. His conclusion states: “As DSLRs move towards 30 megapixels and beyond, diffraction will become the dominant factor in limiting resolution. In late 2009, the 24 megapixel Nikon D3x shows that f/5.6 is the best aperture with a top-grade lens; beyond that contrast at first subtly drops at f/8, with a rapid falloff at f/11 and beyond. With a 40 megapixel camera, the limiting aperture will become f/4!”

I have read that you need better glass as the pixel size decreases. I believe the same author above states somewhere that for a camera like the D800 that there are actually very few lens made that have sufficient quality for the resolution of the sensor.

Having said that, how much of it you will notice in actual practice is another question.

For me personally, I think my limitations as a photographer will likely outweigh the technical limitations of my equipment.

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Thanks for this. Looks like there might be a limiting factor for equipment. What about for shooting technique? Is there anything true to that?

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