What is the best book for the X100?

Started Nov 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Sorry. Misread post. Wrong camera.

Oops.  I was searching DPreview for x100 and wasn't paying attention to which forum I endup in in.  I hate when that happens.  Never mind!

digital4dummies.com wrote:

MrChristopher wrote:

I'm getting an X100 soon and I love David Busch's books on cameras but alas, he has not authored one for the X100. Which book would you recommend I get cozy with in addition to the owners manual? I'm looking for technical details about the camera. Thanks

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Can I take your picture?

Alexander White's book is by far the best. He was my co-author on many of my Sony books, and is now specializing in cameras like yours:


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