Stick with Nex or Head Back to Micro Four Thirds

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Re: You can't compare at equal ISO

There seem to be some very strange views in this thread... f1.8 with IS is equal to 0.95 non IS?... That's highly questionable as the OP mentioned candid shots of people and children and as presumably the children especially may move the value of IS reduces and a faster shutter speed becomes more important.

In the OP's position I think I'd be tempted stay with Sony and take a look at the 35mm f1.8. I think I'd also review low light shooting techniques and pre / zone focusing as even at apertures like f1.8 once the camera to subject distance heads towards and then into double figures (ft) DoF increases and could cover any subject movement. Personally I have little problem shooting children at f0.95 in low light with MFT so an AF Sony with a 35mm f1.8 should be adequate to get the shot.

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