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rcrews wrote:

hello - looking to upgrade my camera and have been looking hard at the J1. Mainly b/c my wife will use it and wants a built in flash. what are the benefits of using this versus a $300 point and shoot? thanks.

I use my new J1 as a replacement for a P&S.

1) In good light, the J1 blows the P&S away for taking pictures of the family.  It is faster and takes better images. The only upside of the P&S is smaller size (and often more zoom w/o switching lenses).

2) With a flash, the J1 still beats the P&S, but the experience is similar.  My DLSR blows both away.

3) I am very happy with my J1 and the 10-30 and 30-110 lenses (about $400).  Although bigger than a P&S, it is small enough to take anywhere.  Thursday, I am flying to San Fran for a business trip.  Unlike my DLSR, it will fit in my briefcase.

BUT - my D7000 is more powerful, faster, and can take better images.

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