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Read my EPL5 review on the m43 side of the forum. Much of it does apply to the EPM2. You can get a tiltable viewfinder for 120 euro where I live and it works well. No problems with bright sunlight. You could also just buy the EPL5 which has a nice tiltable screen. However: the NEX F3 has this at a lower price. Both can be fitted with an EVF, which I have for shooting in bright sunlight

IQ of the EPM sensor is identical to the F3 sensor I'd say and virtually on par with all other NEX sensors. No real difference there.

The big plusses in my mind for EPM2 is good IBIS (if it is the same as the EPL5). It is as good as the good OIS in my Panny lenses, also when used at 300 mm (600 mm equivalent). All you lenses are now stabilsed.

Of course a lot of excellent and small lenses are availablefor this cam which Sony does not have. I also got a free 8 Gb Toshiba Wi Fi car with it (a gadget for me, not for others) and that lenscap thing (15 m f8, I consider this a lenscap though..).

And JPGS are really good of the Oly. On many occasions I could not get it (much) better than RAw + LR4.x (to my taste).

Sony F3 users may tell you what the big plusses of that system are. The one I can come up with it FP with manual focussed lenses especially.

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