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Re: Email response from Nikon Technical Support

serial456 wrote:

Hmm i was just bout ready to order my D600 then I read the plethoria of threads and other topics around the internet discussing problems with the d600 sensor. This is bad news indeed.
I really don't know what to do now, seems to be so many with problems

It's a bit bizarre to me how big a deal people make out of this issue.  All my DSLRs (D80, D90, and now D600) collect dust.  If you look for it, it will be there.  I think many people usually don't even bother to look, but now with all this D600 dust hubbub they've actually checked closely for the first time and lo and behold - dust!  I learned to clean sensors once I got my D80 because guess what... it collects dust like all other DSLRs.  The difference between a D600 is not that it collects dust and others don't, it's that it seems to be a bit more susceptible to it, at least early on in it's lifecycle (I fully expect the "problem" to diminish over time).  I've wet cleaned it once, and other than that I use a rocket blower occasionally (literally a 15 second procedure) to keep it clean.  It's caused me no problems or grief, and I can't help but feel the amount of energy invested in this "problem" is a tremendous waste, at least from a practical photography standpoint.  It's had zero effect on my photography, so if this is the biggest "problem" with the camera I'd consider that a tremendous success.

That said, people are free to fret over whatever they wish, but that's my take on the matter.  If you want to be able to shoot at f/16 and beyond with a completely spotless sensor, you better learn to clean it yourself (or send it in frequently for cleanings) no matter what camera you buy.  That was my experience before the D600, and quite frankly it hasn't changed at all.  The only difference with the D600 is I pull out the rocket blower a little more often.  I hardly consider that something to spend energy and time worrying about, but to each there own.  I swear some people seem to think that only the D600 gathers dust or something.

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