Sigma DP1M and DP2M on sale for $850 USD.

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They dropped m4/3 lens prices to what's this tell you

Greetings and Happy Holidays

So what this says are the sales aren't where Sigma wants them to be.  They dropped the price of their m4/3 lenses to $149.99 USD that's a $50.00 drop.  The SD1 to $1700.00 USD the DP to $850.00 USD  Their sales must be way down, there is a lot of competitions right now and more to come.  PMA is in Jan. 2013 lets hope we see something from Sigma that will help sales.  DSLR's are a dyeing breed and at this point in time m4/3 are selling really well.  The SD1 have a high price tag and the DP series are still on the high side for a point and shoot camera compared to what's out there.  I know I know the other's don't have the image quality but to 99.9% of population that doesn't matter they're still really good and have more features and better battery life.  If you can't support your R&D through sales then where will the money come from?  The lens division?  You can't draw resources from the lens division forever.  Or maybe the bean counters are now telling them that, camera sales must increase or............... let's hope we see something great at PMA.

Food for thought.

Roger J.

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