Modifying Pentax TR Power Pack

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Modifying Pentax TR Power Pack

This post is about TR Power Pack-2 but I'm sure it can also be applied to TR Power Pack-3.

One of the not so well-known facts is that Pentax TR Power Pack-2 (built for the AF500FTZ) can also be used for the current AF540FGZ. The only difference seems to be the power switch.

Two most common complains about the TR-2 and TR-3 are (1) the power cord is too short and (2) the power cord can easily come loose from the battery pack.

This mod will fix both problems. The modified power pack will use Quantum Turbo cable CN3 (I happen to have a few).

Here's the original TR-2, view from the back, with the cover removed. Next to it is the 7-pin DIN connector that is about to become the new power socket.

I will replace the power socket with a 7-pin DIN connector (similar to the one on Quantum Turbo battery pack) and move the power socket to where the switch originally is (on the top) so that the shoulder strap does not get in the way of the cable.

I will replace the rotary on/off switch with a slide switch and move it to the original location of the power socket (on the side).

So here it is after the surgery. Frankly, I think it's more streamlined than the original.

You can see how much the Quantum cable is longer than the Pentax cable (the other ends are about even):

Here's the "new" power pack and its mate:

A big bonus: With Quantum cable CS4, I can now use the Pentax TR-2 to power my Sunpak flashes: 120J, 36DX, DX-8R, DX-12R.

Next mod: convert the TR-2 to use 7 AA cells instead of 6 C cells. I'm waiting for the battery holders from FleaBay.

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