best landscape lens for d3100 please

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Re: You won't want to hear this...

river251 wrote:

marco1974 wrote:

But the "best landscape lens" is, IMO, a MANUAL FOCUS prime (non-zoom) lens with a hard infinity stop, a smooth and long-throw focus ring and a real depth of field scale, and a front filter thread (better if metal vs. the more common plastic). Oh, and THEN, it should also be sharp, and reasonably free from CA and flare.

Focal length wise, anything from about 14mm to 200mm+ (DX) is usable, it depends on your style and subject.

Have fun!


Marco, can you name specific lenses that fit this bill? Is there a "best one"?


I can name those ones that I have selected for this purpose (i.e. mainly landscapes) myself:

Samyang 14/2.8 UMC

Zeiss 21/2.8 ZF.2

Micro-Nikkor AIS 55/2.8

Nikkor AIS 180/2.8 ED

Many others do exist, of course, that would also fit the bill very well. In general, most Nikkor AIS > 28mm would do fine, as would most Zeiss ZF(2).


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