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Re: Sony Nwx 7: Raw+Jpeg

Olga Celle wrote:

I want to share with you a problem to hear your opinion before I send my Nex 7 to the repair shop.

As most of you know, Sony raw is a drag. As I take many pictures a day, I find it difficult to get a quick overview of the results in Photoshop or just Windows Picture browser. So, I shot Raw+JPEG in order to have a miniature of the picture and decide to keep it or not before they enter the editing process. Anyway, my NEX 7 has problems processing several Raw+JPEG shots in a raw. I takes 3 to 4 and gets stuck for a few seconds then you may continue shooting 3-4 more pictures until it gets jammed again...!!!!! This never happened to me with my D90...Is this normal? Is there anything I should do?

Thanks in advance for your comments!

Photoshop CS comes with Adobe Bridge, which allows you view RAW thumbnails if you have a reasonably up-to-date copy.  Are you having trouble with Bridge?  Photoshop Elements allows you to view RAWs as well.   Not sure which you're using.

Regarding slow writes, here's a checklist.

  1. Card must be Class 10 or better.
  2. Format card in camera with Menu > Setup > Format
  3. If no better, try a new card, also class 10
  4. Format it in camera.

As you know already, RAW + JPG has slower writes than RAW, and RAW has slower writes than JPEG.  If write time is more important than absolute IQ -- it can be, in action shooting when shooting in bursts -- then it may be best to shoot JPEG in those circumstances.   I expect you know this already, but thought to mention it in case not.

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