Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR 1 vs. f/4G

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70-200 F4 is a near-waste for many

Assuming you can get the 70-200 VR1 for the same kind of money, it's a MUCH better lens in most respects even on FX.

And I say that knowing that the 70-200 F4 may be better in the corners, but that will not overcome the fact that the 2.8 VR1 is astonishingly sharp wide open and 2.8 gives you bokeh that is beautiful. At close focus the breathing of the VR1 is also minimal. In situations where you want sharper corners you can stop the VR1 down and get good results.

As you can tell, I'm really not digging these F4 optics which are BIG and expensive to the point that I see no point. F4 is not fast glass and does not give you DOF control like 2.8. The other problem for these F4 lenses is that the consumer level lenses with variable apertures have gotten so good that these constant F4's have very little (and in some cases none) optical IQ advantage. For example: In my tests I found the 24-85vr and the 70-300vr superior to the expensive 24-120 F4.

I always tell people to stick with fast glass when possible. The 70-200 VR1 is so good that many prefer it to the newer version (due to focus breathing). It's still a world-class lens. And no matter how wonderful the F4 version is, it will still be f4.

Get the VR1 and 2.8 and you'll never look back!


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