Cost (X-E1 + 35mm) = Cost (X-Pro1 + 35mm). Now what?

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Re: Cost (X-E1 + 35mm) = Cost (X-Pro1 + 35mm). Now what?

Ryan Williams wrote:

MrFlash wrote:

For $100 it is complete no brainer for me. The X-E1 is and always will be the XP1's cheaper, less featured, lower quality little brother. It's a lot cheaper for a reason. The Hybrid OVF is the best feature of the XP1 and x100. It is what separates them from every other camera on the market. The ability to compose electronically or optically is a feature I would never give up.

I don't get why the slightly smaller size of the X-E1 is appealing. I bought a Gariz leather half case for the XP1 to make it a little larger. It's a joy to hold and use. If the smaller size of the X-e1 made it pocketable, I would understand, but either camera will require carrying a small bag, so what's the difference? I guess maybe if you have really tiny, child-like hands the X-e1 might be a little more comfortable to hold, but I have normal, adult sized hands, in which the XP1 fits perfectly.

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It's all down to priorities. I'd personally take the built-in flash over the OVF, as it has a more tangible effect on the quality of my photographs and I'm quite content with the EVF/LCD combo. I don't want to have an external unit for something I use so often, and the X-E1's flash is quite simply a fantastically well-considered addition that can perform as both a fill flash and a bounce flash (fires upwards at the ceiling).

As for the size, thanks for the borderline insulting comment about hand size but I do find that the X-E1 fits perfectly. More importantly, it weighs significantly less which makes it less of a burden in all ways. In all honesty though, size and weight were a tiny factor for me. It was all about the flash in my case. The supposed tweaks to button layout/construction and such were a small bonus.

No 'borderline insult' intended. I have both the XP1 and the x100. I just can't image someone thinking the XP1 is too large, but the x100 is 'just right'. I agree the built-in flash is a bonus. I use the x100 flash quite a bit. As for the XP1, I find that clipping on the ef-20 is pretty quick and easy. I think adding an OVF to the X-e1 would be a bit more difficult.

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