PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

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Re: Ah, well...

Mike CH wrote:

joger wrote:

Mike CH wrote:

Another question from me on your workflow.

To try it out, I downloaded the trial of Photoshop Elements. In PSE, I can only do 'Reposition' on 8-bit TiFF files - is that the same in PS?

no - with PS CS you can do that in 16 bit and with PS CS 6 it should be even possible in 32 bit per RGB channel - which is almost pointless IMHO

PSE wont do it, neither for TIFF nor for DNG. A shame, I would have liked to use it. But that would be just about the only thing I would use PS for. And that is not enough to justify buying PS.

Have you tried doing the repositioning as the last step in your process? (So far I have assumed you it first, and then work on the result for all other adjustments).

Microsoft ICE costs nothing and supports 16-bit tif files.

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