PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

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Re: PC-E 24 on D800E vs TS-E 24 II / 17 on 5D II (or III)

joger wrote:

I don't care about the brand - I can adapt almost every lens to my camera if needed - ...

Don't forget that you are the one who started this discussion with your post claiming that Nikon lenses may have a systematic issue with corner softness (presumably compared to other brands). My own experience simply doesn't support your claim. That's all.

BTW, I didn't study the Lenstip results in detail. This site has posted some ridiculous test results in the past that didn't match my experience at all. And copy variation is a fact, so it helps to look at results from as many copies as possible.

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