Serious D800 / 800E Questions Before I Buy!

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Re: Serious D800 / 800E Questions Before I Buy!

Oh Glo! Just when I start to lean a tad more towards the D800, you post that about the D4!  Hahaha

Is there a good place to download a couple of D800 raw files to test on my current computer to see how they react to the larger file sizes?  I would like to take a memory card to my local shop and get some files that way, but not sure how soon I'd be able to go there.

Also, would you recommend I look for a certain "type" of shot (meaning to ensure I am dealing with a file on the larger end of the spectrum of D800 file sizes?). I know the file size can vary depending on the subject...what would cause a file to be bigger than another? More colors, etc.?


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