Finding the XE-1 EVF awful

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Jay A wrote:

I got a very interesting response here;

Could have been a logical answer, but. I shoot with legacy lenses, no aperture movement, and still get this slow evf. There really is something else to it. As written earlier in this thread, it depends where you come from evf/ovf-wise. I've been using a panasonic G1 with all kind of limitations for some years now but with an evf I liked. I have a hard time adopting to the fuji x-e1 evf. The view into it is good. You dont have to move about to see the corners properly. Resolution is good in normal view,  but I can't really notice a great benefit of those extra pixels. Size appears slightly smaller than panasonics 1.44k evf. Problems start for me when I start using the magnyfied view. 3x mode has terrible resolution. Everything seems smeared quite brutally and it is hard to now if you got focus right. 10x, now resolution is back, altough the G1 wasn't worse, but the picture on the screen is jumping around in the viewfinder to the extent that it is once again hard to know if you nailed focus. Try 10x magnification and pan ever so slowly and you'll se what I mean. The motion gets jagged by the evf. A big difference to the G1 wich handles that task so much better. Lets hope for an update on these matters as soon as possible.


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